• Vector Works
  • AutoCAD
  • Dante Networking
  • JBL Performance Manager
  • Expert on all Yamaha consoles​


Steve Kuithe, Audio Engineer / Sound Designer

Steve Kuithe is the owner and founder of KUI Audio Services.  He brings 40 years of experience as an audio professional in corporate, entertainment and public events.  He leverages a full spectrum of expertise including sound design, live audio engineering, digital audio playback systems, acoustical analysis, DSP programming and Dante networking.  He is constantly updating his knowledge and skills to be an expert across all industry standards and platforms. 

Steve’s remarkable ability to apply his knowledge of audio electronics to both troubleshoot and enhance standard systems is matched only by his unyielding work ethic and high standard of customer service and flawless execution.

Over the years, Steve has built a long-standing, dedicated and specialized audio team.  Cumulatively, his team expertly covers every aspect of large-format audio.